Fall Cards!

I quite enjoyed making a bunch of cards for Fall! The hedgehog is the cutest stamp I’ve had ever and I think I want to use it in EVERY CARD!

My first real shaker card, its hard to see in the pic, but the window is raised with a bunch of little beads, shinies and sparklies in it.
Flat shaker card, turned out ok.
Loved the way the campfire turned out
Leaves, leaves and MORE LEAVES!
Sparklie banner and cute hedgehog.
The hedgehog is just to cute!
Flat shaker with pumpkin, turned out ok
Fun and cute leaves.

“Smile Just Because” Card

I found this star-shaped glitter but I thought I could use it as a little bit of embellishment, I do need to get a better glue for it, but all in all, I loved how this card turned out.

I didn’t realize when i was making it that the card stock was a bigger than normal size, and it would have been hard to mail, so I decided to keep it and put it up on my own billboard. I smile every time I pass by it.

I also wish I had proper glitter embossing powder for the swirl at the bottom and upper right corner, but maybe next time I will.