Random wanderings at Mt. Charleston

I had breakfast at the old lodge and then a small hike with a good friend, and other than not dressing in enough layers, it was BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!

This tree was HUGE! I am almost touching it and you probably know my size, so… HUGE! BIG and Ponderosa Pine. Haven’t seen many this big before.

Liked the way the sun hit this tree and all the yellow leaves. Is it fall already?!

Fletcher Canyon Hike!

I decided to head up to Mt. Charleston outside of Vegas and hike around. Since it is a few thousand feet higher in elevation its quite a bit cooler up there, and the smell of the Ponderosa Pine forest was INCREDIBLE!

The fresh air, cooler temps, and being in Nature always make me happy. I am so out of shape it took me longer than people suggest but I loved every minute of it! Here are a few pictures from it!

Fletcher Canyon Trailhead
That’s a nice boulder there. I like that boulder.

“Smile Just Because” Card

I found this star-shaped glitter but I thought I could use it as a little bit of embellishment, I do need to get a better glue for it, but all in all, I loved how this card turned out.

I didn’t realize when i was making it that the card stock was a bigger than normal size, and it would have been hard to mail, so I decided to keep it and put it up on my own billboard. I smile every time I pass by it.

I also wish I had proper glitter embossing powder for the swirl at the bottom and upper right corner, but maybe next time I will.