About Me

Well, I am a geek.

I love having adventures, taking pictures and sharing my explorations with everyone. Sometimes it is someplace local sometimes it is someplace across the world. Either way I LOVE getting out, walking around, and investigate/seeing/experience all the things I can.

I like to make cards, it is oddly relaxing and so satisfying.

I am an active Tabletop Roleplayer ( D&D for life!) I also enjoy board, video and other types of games. (Axe throwing is a game right? Because it is AMAZING and fun!)

I am a huge fan of Jim Henson, the Muppets, and many other related items and work.

Live events are the most amazing things to experience. Music, festivals, with my direct to bone headphones and some earplugs, very few things can stop me from enjoying such adventures!

I enjoy going to Modern Square Dance events. Great excuse for traveling and exploring new places!

I am an introvert with a good extrovert mask, and if you want to know more, ask me!