Fletcher Canyon Hike!

I decided to head up to Mt. Charleston outside of Vegas and hike around. Since it is a few thousand feet higher in elevation its quite a bit cooler up there, and the smell of the Ponderosa Pine forest was INCREDIBLE!

The fresh air, cooler temps, and being in Nature always make me happy. I am so out of shape it took me longer than people suggest but I loved every minute of it! Here are a few pictures from it!

Fletcher Canyon Trailhead
That’s a nice boulder there. I like that boulder.

“Smile Just Because” Card

I found this star-shaped glitter but I thought I could use it as a little bit of embellishment, I do need to get a better glue for it, but all in all, I loved how this card turned out.

I didn’t realize when i was making it that the card stock was a bigger than normal size, and it would have been hard to mail, so I decided to keep it and put it up on my own billboard. I smile every time I pass by it.

I also wish I had proper glitter embossing powder for the swirl at the bottom and upper right corner, but maybe next time I will.